Seeing off guests, once again thank them for the visit and for the gifts. Invite them to visit another time, already individually.

Hang a poster, poster, calendar or just a piece of paper in the hallway on which guests can leave an autograph or written wishes. For you it will be a good memory for the future.

Your guests will be pleased if, a day or two after the party, you send them a thank you letter or make a phone call. Be sure to find a few words to emphasize the significance of their visit to you. Thank you for a very useful gift, or remember the episode from the party in which they appeared in the most favorable light.

If you took photos during the event, send the photos to your guests. Of course, only the resulting and interesting shots. By the way, it is easy to make a beautiful collage from these photos, which can be framed and hung on the wall in a suitable place. This collage will remind you and your friends of a well-gone meeting.