Many moving planners consider them the most convenient form of packing. Indeed, in any supermarket or nearby stores you can buy plastic containers of different sizes, volumes, strengths and colors. With adhesive tape, the packaging problem can be considered solved. Simple, affordable, economical.

The advantages of such a container:

Affordable price. Bags are significantly more budget-friendly than cardboard boxes. However, keep in mind that much more bags will be required.
Availability. Such containers can be bought at the nearest supermarket.
Small sizes. The bags can be used for storage or transportation. They take up little space, may be needed in various situations.
Weight of packing. Yes, the bag weighs much less than a medium-sized cardboard box, but most often this difference is not so important.

There are more disadvantages of this container than advantages:

Packing things in bags is very difficult! Often it is difficult to fill the bag on your own – help is required. The soft form is not conducive to proper and quick packaging.
Even outwardly strong bags are not the most reliable material. Only soft things – clothes, toys, etc. can be well packed in them. Solid objects, especially those with sharp corners, should not be transported in bags. Inside the package, the weight is distributed unevenly, therefore, for example, a package with a strength of 25-30 kg can withstand no more than 15 kg during transportation.
Property packed in this way is not protected from damage. Items can be damaged from impacts, creases, friction against each other.
Bags are not very convenient for loaders. Even if you use bags of the same size, after filling they will all turn out to be different shapes. In addition, you should think before you put one bag on top of another – the contents can easily be damaged.
Complicated labeling. It is almost impossible to make a list of contents. You will have to guess about the composition of the packaged in the bag.
So, bags can be used when moving, but not in all cases. For soft, not very valuable things, or in case a more reliable container is not enough.