All the characteristics of packaging bags are also in cardboard boxes, only in diametrical opposition. Disadvantages – higher price, a small number of points of sale, more volume and weight.

Advantages – ease of packaging, labeling and transportation, greater safety of things.

Where can I find the right amount of boxes? And they need a lot! Even when moving a small apartment, the number of boxes with things will be in the tens. There are several options.

If you don’t want to spend money on containers, the only way is to go shopping and ask for the unwanted used containers. But large stores most often hand over cardboard for waste paper, and small ones throw it away. If you find old boxes for your things, then definitely not in the required quantity. In addition, they will be different in size, perhaps not strong enough and clean. Therefore, to save money, it is better to look for another option, and just buy the package.
You can buy packaging in large building hypermarkets or home improvement stores (eg IKEA, etc.). But often it is not cheaper than buying from a moving company. In addition, cardboard boxes from hypermarkets are great for storing things, not for moving. For the production of such containers, not durable cardboard is used. If several boxes are stacked on top of each other, the first one may not withstand. Another problem is the square shape of the container. When loading and unloading, the square shape is inconvenient.
If you choose a transport company for moving, the best solution is to order all the packing material from them. Large companies, as a rule, offer special boxes for moving. Several size options: larger, for light and bulky items, medium, universal size and smaller, for items that are quite heavy (for example, books). Often moving companies have highly specialized boxes for different types of cargo. For example, for office equipment. Or for transporting clothes – in such boxes, things hang neatly right on hangers. For expensive or delicate things, this is a very relevant solution! The material must also ensure the safety of property during the move. Yes, all boxes are made of cardboard, but it can be different. For transportation of things you need to use a container made of durable cardboard. Specialized cardboard boxes have convenient markings for marking, with which you can mark the type of cargo, top / bottom orientation, information about fragile items.

Of course, buying a good container costs money. Several dozen boxes of different sizes, packaging film, adhesive tape, those same packages – and now the amount is several thousand rubles. But high-quality packaging is the safety of fragile items. After all, even one damaged item can cost more than the cost of the highest quality packaging.

In addition, the employees of the moving company will be able to suggest the optimal amount of packaging materials. Which, in turn, will help to correctly calculate the costs.