We are all living people, so we cannot constantly keep voluminous information in memory. Therefore, the process of moving with https://www.flashmoving.net/local-moving/ and everything related to it must be reflected in writing on paper or an electronic device – as you like.

It is useful to have a folder in which you can put all related or related documents and a notebook for keeping notes.

The most important assistant in preparing for the move will be a plan drawn up by periods, so it will be psychologically calmer for you to carry out stage by stage:

a month before the move – preparation of packaging, cleaning and laundering of large-sized equipment, furniture, carpets;
two weeks before moving – sorting things when we get rid of unnecessary items (not used over the past year, have lost their quality and relevance). We buy stickers for marking boxes and items;
a week – we pack something that we can do without for several days, we audit food stocks;
day – defrosting the refrigerator, preparing a package of essentials (it is worth adding everything that you may need during the moving process and upon arrival to a new place – a first aid kit, clean linen, hygiene items, a ready dinner).

What to do with fragile and expensive things

Easily beating, breaking things require special attention. Proper packaging will ensure their safety. Special bubble bags, terry towel, blankets and pillows that still need to be transported can serve as additional protection.

It is better to put jewelry, important papers, gadgets in your hand luggage and keep it with you during the moving period. So you will not lose things important to you and will not worry about their safety.