One of the main tasks when transporting a heavy tool is getting it to the door of the van. Now it remains to immerse it inside, securely fix it and move it to its destination. It is necessary to choose the safest route with a flat road. It is necessary to exclude vibrations and strong shaking along the route. You must drive on the highway in compliance with the speed limit. Hurry must be excluded, even if transportation takes place on a bypass road, outside the city with movers in boston.

More often, overall furniture and tools are transported by GAZelle. The piano is placed horizontally against one of the body walls. It needs to be well fixed. It is impossible to leave the piano vertically on wheels, as there will be difficulties with fastening. It is forbidden to fix the tool along the side with one strap.

Transportation is carried out using special devices. Only in this way can the piano be securely fixed in the center and at the base. Special vehicles for transportation of complex cargo are equipped with hydraulic lifts and metal clamps. In a car with a carrying capacity of more than 3 tons, the transverse, horizontal movements of the tool are completely excluded.

The wooden tool sharply reacts to temperature drops. It is better not to engage in transportation in winter. If it is impossible to postpone the move, you should order a van with an insulated body, minimize the time the piano is outside during the cold season.

Transportation of heavy musical instruments is a complex transportation. In some cases, it becomes necessary to rearrange furniture, remove doors. Packaging at the same time protects the tool from damage and interferes with movers during transfer. The film glides in the hands, increases the volume of an already large piano.

Shipping costs can be high. The price depends on the weight, dimensions of the tool, the floor from which demolition is required, the distance to the unloading point and other factors. This pushes many piano owners to self-transport using a light trailer. In this case, it is important to take into account its compliance with the dimensions and weight of the tool. Experts do not recommend using this delivery method for fragile bulky goods. It cannot be classified as safe, there is a high risk of causing serious damage to the instrument.